Custom Frame For Canvas

custom frame for canvas

Use these suggestions to create a custom frame for canvas art. If you are looking for a great custom canvas frame, start by narrowing down the subject matter of your next painting. Then use these suggestions to help you make the canvas print as stunning as possible. Very often we see paintings made in large format canvases which are quite large, taking up much wall space.

Or maybe you are still making one, but simply need a solid frame anyway. There are so many styles to think about, but it just goes down to what you and your artwork’s artistic requirements are. A simple, basic canvas frame is easy enough to create. You only need a white frame with a front that just stretches out slightly. Just add a few pillows or other decorative elements to complete the look.

Even a photograph printed in a stretched canvas can look amazing when framed using a unique piece of art work. I recently came across this particular photograph, which was part of a collage. The piece of art was a photographic print of the entire Christmas Eve Dinner, which took place over an extended time. This particular photographic print had been preserved correctly, and the canvas was a hand stretched piece of artwork created by someone who was a master at taking long and difficult photographs.

But this isn’t your mother and father’s picture frame. This photograph required some specialized skills. Because it was created for such a grand occasion, the artist had to create the entire plans in the fine wood. They had to design the framework of the painting so that it would hold the weight that was necessary to take such a large photo and display it in a fine art gallery.

Wood Frames

The great thing about using a wood frame for custom made canvas is that they are extremely easy to create. If you have ever worked on a woodworking project before, then you are familiar with the process of making a solid frame out of a piece of the wooden stock. The image needed to be cut out of the wooden stock, then the piece of wood was screwed into a frame that fit properly. You simply assembled the bottom half, then placed the top back on and screwed it down. After that, you simply applied a glass bead or linen coating and voila, you have a beautiful, custom piece of art.

custom frame for canvas

However, not everyone has experience working with wood. Perhaps you aren’t comfortable working with wood, or maybe you just aren’t good with it. When this is the case, then you need to turn to something else. Fortunately, DIY canvas frames are available. These are created from a special type of fabric, called a linen board, that is stapled onto the bottom board of an ordinary picture frame, thus creating a custom frame for a canvas.

Gallery Frame

In between a wood and canvas float, there is also another option. A lot of photographers choose to have a frame created from a photographic print that they take themselves. They will have the prints mounted directly onto a gallery frame, which is then put in a custom frame for a canvas float. It’s the closest thing to having an original artwork hung on your wall, only you don’t have to pay for a custom artist to do it for you! The only thing that differs from the photographic print is the size and the thickness of the stretcher bars that will attach to the stretcher base. Many people use these as a creative way to dress up their walls.

Because the frame itself can be made of a wide variety of materials, you can have something as simple or as artistic as you want. It’s important to have your audience in mind when framing your artwork, so if you don’t have much experience with this kind of art, I suggest working with a professional artist or gallery to help you decide what works best for your particular piece of art. The internet has countless ideas, both digital and traditional, for you to choose from. There is bound to be a custom DIY canvas frame that fits your particular style and needs perfectly.

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