Custom Framed Jersey Shadowboxes

custom framed jersey

One great custom sports jersey idea is a custom framed jersey. These framed jerseys are great for the sports fan, as they will keep the jersey safe from damage. They also make a great trophy for any major sporting event. When a team wins the big game, they need to have all of the tickets framed and hung in their facility. This helps with repeat sales and word-of-mouth advertising for the team as well.

If you are a big fan, buying a custom framed jersey would be a wise investment. It is relatively inexpensive to have a custom autographed sports jersey framed, as compared to purchasing one new. These autographed sports jerseys usually sell for a few dollars each. A large group of people could pay close to a thousand dollars for a high-quality jersey.


Some custom framing stores will allow customers to pick out their custom framed jersey designs. This will depend on what the store has available in their selection. The selection will also depend on what the customer wants on their custom jersey display case. Some of the items available include NFL throwback jerseys, vintage helmets and more.

Sports memorabilia can be very expensive. Most fans do not have their favourite teams’ jerseys in the home, so they will buy the ones that their favourite player has worn. The only way to keep them from getting worn out is to frame them. Using custom sports jersey display cases allows fans to proudly show off their favourite players’ jersey. These custom sports memorabilia cases are also excellent for sports barbecues or tailgate parties.


Many of these custom sports memorabilia cases come with a built-in shadowbox. A shadowbox is where the owner can place their custom framed jersey. Some custom cases have two shadowboxes, while others only have one. This allows the person who owns the sports memorabilia to place it on their table and feel less guilty when their prized possession is damaged.

Custom sports memorabilia framing options come in all shapes and sizes. People can choose which box frame to use. Some people prefer a simple clear plastic box frame for easy seeing of their prized possessions. Others prefer a wooden, metal, or clear acrylic box frame to showcase their jersey collection.

custom framed jersey

A custom sports jersey shadowbox can also be custom made. If a person wants a particular shape or colour for their shadowbox, then they can have it custom made. There are many sports custom sports jersey shadowbox companies that can create a shadowbox for any size or shape. This allows for maximum exposure of the jerseys, ensuring that they will look the best at all times.


There are many reasons why a person would want to display their sports memorabilia. They may have bought an expensive jersey for display, or they could be displaying it as a remembrance of a great career or game. Either way, the best way to display it is in a custom sports jersey shadowbox. These boxes help showcase all of the things that make a jersey special and allow anyone to proudly own their very own piece of sporting history.

There are two popular custom sports jerseys shadowboxes that people use. The first type is a custom sports jersey display case. This case is made out of heavy-duty plastic or heavy-duty canvas that will fit a standard size baseball or basketball jersey snugly. Some people choose to put all of their jerseys in this box, which helps to save space and keep things organized and well managed.

Another option that people choose is a custom sports jersey shadowbox. This is a smaller version of the case that is made with canvas or heavy-duty plastic. The inside of this custom sports jersey shadowbox is usually lined with fabric so that the jerseys won’t stain the lining. These custom sports jersey shadowboxes can fit any size of sports jersey and usually come in a small carry case to help store the items and show off the details when needed.

There are a lot of options that you have when choosing a custom sports jersey shadowbox for your home. You can find them at most sporting goods stores or online. Make sure that you choose one that is large enough to hold all of your favourite players’ jersey and also make sure that it holds the number of jerseys you need to hold each player’s number depending on how many of them you have. You can find custom sports jersey shadowboxes made out of many different types of materials, such as canvas, wood, metal and even soft foam!

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